Strawberries-The Super Strawberry


The taste of summer all year round!

Our fresh
strawberries speak for themselves.  Always the best available from our own
farm in summer or, when out of season, we obtain the peak of the crop from reliable growers from warmer climates.


Strawberries & Cream & ice-cream -
ready to enjoy!

Sponge cakes with Strawberries & Cream (serves
4-6) - great for the family to share

Scones with Jam & Cream - just too nice
with a cup of Byron Bay coffee

Pavlova, strawberries & cream - Yum!

If you would like something for Lunch
We have Toasties with Ham, Cheese and Guyra Tomato’s or Chicken,
Cheese and Guacamole
Chicken Caesar Wraps and
Turkish rolls with Chicken Basil and Pesto or a Breakfast option.
These are all served toasted with an option of
Tea, Coffee or a Strawberry Milkshake

Our Famous Strawberry Milkshakes made on Fresh

Delicious Byron Bay Coffee
Great range of gifts including Lavender products!

We also have a great range of home made jams which
we make ourselves.   Australian fruit, generally sourced
from the local
area, Australian sugar and in Australian made jars.  What more could
you want when you need a delicious jam? ...variety, of course and we have
plenty.   Here is some of our range which changes from season to season
depending on fruit availability.

Strawberry, that's
our strawberries in this!

Pineapple &
Passionfruit, how Aussie can you get?

Tomato,Tomato &
Ginger or Tomato & Passionfruit, Tomato Chutney - Top of the Range Tomatoes from Guyra are used in them all!

Melon & Ginger,
We grow the melons and Bundaberg Ginger growns the ginger

Melon & Lemon,
more of our melons

Fig & Almond, Fig & Ginger or just plain Fig - all made from local Figs

Wild Blackberry -
from the farms in the area, gathered in season and made as we need.


Boysenberry, from
Lee's Berry Farm, just 5k's down the road

Raspberry, from Mrs Cunninghames plot 

Youngberry, from
Lee's Berry Farm, just 5k's down the road



Mixed Berry

Pineapple & Passionfruit

Brambleberry - the cultivated, thornless blackberry - enjoy this on your